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Tupelo Honey and Rosewater Soap


If you go along the Georgia-Florida state line at just the right few weeks in the spring, you'll find beekeepers busy with the year's tupelo honey harvest. In the world of honey, tupelo stands out alone with its unique ability to withstand granulation, its flavor profile low in bitterness, and the lightly sweet floral notes of the tupelo flower. Our Tupelo Honey and Rosewater Soap is made with real tupelo honey from the source, and we infuse each bar with real rosewater. A dusting of gold mica on top makes each bar a standout luxury.

Small batch, artisan crafted: bars often vary in color and swirl pattern. To prolong bars, soap must be stored in a well-draining dish where it can dry between uses. We often like to work up a lather in a loofah or washcloth for a gentle cleanse that doesn't strip your skin's moisture.

- We use a generous chunk of pure shea butter
- Creamy coconut milk
- Gentle, white kaolin clay lends a slight 'slip' to lather so soap can double as a shaving bar in a pinch
- Silk peptides enrich each bar and impart a silky texture to skin
- Coconut oil produces a fluffy, rich lather

Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, coconut milk, sodium hydroxide, water, sodium lactate, fragrance, tupelo honey, rose water, white kaolin clay, silk, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxide, tin oxide, fluorphlogopite

net wt 4.0 oz / 113 g