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Oatmeal, Milk & Salt Soaks

As with all things here at Veranda Soap Co, we ask ourselves: how can we bring our products to the absolute next level? That's how we formulated this bath soak. We didn't stop at our water softening salt blend. Oh heck no. We layered in a healthy chunk of super smooth, hydrating colloidal oatmeal and pure powdered coconut milk to produce the softest, silkiest bath water yet. Kaolin clay gently assists in cleansing skin while jojoba oil lightly restores lost moisture. We set our blend apart with the addition of a super luxe ingredient: silk peptides that deeply hydrate and further enrich your bath water. 

Every bag of bath soaks comes with a dainty twig and leaf spoon for easy dispensing, and is heat sealed in a rice paper resealable pouch. We recommend keeping your bag sealed in humid bathrooms, but if you find you forgot to do this because you were rolling your eyes back over the sumptuous formula and scents, our soaks do dissolve quickly in water if you should find yours became clumped together. 

While we recommend using 1/4 cup per standard size bath tub, there are no rules. Add as little or as much as you want. It's like cooking with garlic. Measure that with your heart. The included spoon measures about a teaspoon at a time if you want to indulge in a smaller foot or cuticle soak. Each 12 oz package contains six 2 oz uses (approximately 1/4 cup).