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Veranda Soap Company

Tupelo Honey Lip Butter


Sweet with just a hint of floral, our Tupelo Honey lip butter is as close as you can get to a delicate teaspoon of the real thing. Unique to swampy region along the Georgia-Florida state line, Tupelo honey is renowned for its delicate flavor and total resistance to granulation. If you get your hands on some, we highly recommend a drizzle over fresh biscuits. Until that next biscuit fix, this is definitely a worthy alternative.

Lip butters go on effortlessly and clear, leaving just a hint of shine. Our combination of shea and mango offer rich, creamy, long-lasting relief while lighter jojoba oil immediately nourishes. Lip butters are versatile and offer multitasking moisturization as a cuticle salve, a spot moisturizer for especially dry skin, and as a barrier of protection from the elements (we've even used it on our noses to protect from excessive chapped skin!).

Ingredients: shea butter, beeswax, mango butter, jojoba oil, castor oil, flavor oil